Amy​ ​Shalita, M.A., M.Ed.

Amy Shalita specializes in a boutique educational program for students to reach their full academic and social potential. Amy brings over 25 years of teaching and family advising experience to her roles as an educator and college consultant. Amy has effectively guided hundreds of students heighten their own awareness to realize their capabilities while working to keep parents, teachers and administrators appraised of new developments in childhood development and education.

With expertise in both public and private educational sectors, Amy advises students and families throughout their elementary school to college experiences. In addition to being a classroom teacher, learning specialist, and serving as the ​​College Counselor​ ​at Robert Louis Stevenson in Manhattan, ​Amy​ has designed and ​provides​ a comprehensive, boutique ​academic tutoring service​ ​to ​children and adolescents ​in​ ​South Florida, New​ ​York​ City,​ ​​Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT, Bucks​ ​County,​ ​PA, Princeton,​ ​NJ, and Boston, MA.

Amy works with a range of the students: those struggling to meet minimum requirements for their grade level to students who are already excelling but need guidance to reach the top. If you feel you need an expert to help your child, Amy is the answer.

Amy meets with​ ​students​ ​at​ ​their​ ​homes​ ​between​ ​3:45-8:30​ pm​ ​after​ ​school​ ​and​ as scheduled ​on​ ​weekends. Amy provides customized, one-on-one educational tutoring at your home or virtually through Skype sessions.

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Amy Shalita is my “go-to person” whenever I have a family in need of a warm, caring, seasoned professional who can provide academic tutoring and organizational skills support for their child. Amy also possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding a wide range of secondary and post-secondary academic programs and is a skilled guide when assisting parents in their search for just the right setting to support their child’s academic, social and emotional development.

– MM Whelley, Ph.D. Pediatric Neuropsychologist