Academic Coaching is a unique relationship that focuses on the process of being a successful college student. Ms. Shalita and your child examine specific learning styles, habits of studentship, and current barriers to success. Amy’s goal is to heighten awareness to achieve academic success and anchor new strategies. Many young adults have a diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, an executive function disorder, anxiety, depression, or other undefined learning obstacles. With Amy’s guidance, your child discovers that academic life coaching is rewarding. Amy encourages her students to self advocate to professors, assists them to receive accommodations, and teaches strategies for time management and organization. Most importantly, Ms. Shalita implements individualized techniques for personal reflection to ensure overall success.

Ms. Shalita offers comprehensive support for college students in order to keep them on track. When necessary, Amy effectively advocates to mental health and learning services at specific colleges and advisors. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each child. Students meet with her weekly and have access to her by phone, email or text.

Depending on the student’s location, Ms. Shalita meets with students either in person or virtual platforms.

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Amy works with my daughter (age 21) who is attending Wellesley College. She is patient, creative and incredibly supportive. Most importantly, Amy never gives up finding ways to help my daughter make it through each semester.

– Lydia’s mother